Sep 30, 2012 / 24 notes

This past saturday, chris and I were excited to see Stellas new work exhibiting at Thinkspace gallery. I was absolutely thrilled to have met her finally ! She is so kind and sweet, and over all a humble person, and we also met her lovely hubby Matt! We had a great time hanging out over there. Amy , Audrey, Tran, Stella, Bryan, and Oh i even saw Hideki ! :3 Hope everyone had a great weekend. If you live in the L.a./culver city area,  check out thinkspace, its still showcasing! ^.^

Exhibitions on view: September 29th – October 20th

Thinkspace is pleased to present Borrowed Memories, an exhibition featuring new works by Tran Nguyen and Stella Im Hultberg. Concurrently on display in the Thinkspace project room are new works by Jeremy Hush along with a small showcase of new works from Michael Ramstead in our office area.

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