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sportszilla asked: just curious, are you a laker fan and does it feel weird that they are not in the playoffs? cool blog btw. =)

I am a laker fan, and it feels very weird not seeing them in the playoffs this year . Nothing to look forward to. It’s real sad. Real real sad . Fire the coach already !

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stickyetsweet asked: Dr. @karladdr needs to learn how to spell and sign up for an anger management class.

She’s fucking stupid .

Apr 22, 2014

rosyballetfaires asked: I want to do the same thing with my home screen for my iPhone but the website is in a different language any advice.

Google chrome will translate

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onceuponacattail asked: Good morning! I really love your blog~Could you please tell me how you made your iphone into a hello-kitty themed? thank you very much~~

please visit my YouTube channel

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paranoiaoverdose asked: Hi, just wanna ask. How did you do your hello kitty mobile theme?? What app did you use? Thanks! :))

It’s not an app, please visit my YouTube channel

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theexitisontheleft asked: What/who are your biggest influences? Not necessarily artists

My in laws, and my siblings,

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A few of my favorite things. Find more photos on my Instagram @polagram :3

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chatter bugs

Made it my iPhone wallpaper ๐Ÿ’•
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brittanynicol asked: Your baby is the darn cutest baby I ever did see! Oh my goodness golly!

^.^ Gosh thank you Brittany:3 He’s quite the looker, he gets it all from his dad<3

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Ryan can sit up on his own now :3 with an occasional topple. Isn’t he cute! i’m so proud of him<33

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Art by: soeymilk ๐Ÿ’•

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Hey tumblr family!
Ryan is up on, please vote for my son!

No need to sign in, just visit the pages and click โ€œCutestโ€ and youโ€™re done !

Individual links at the bottom:3ย 

Thank you everyone who votes. Ryan loves youโ˜บ๏ธ!

Links here:


Vote again today !!

Vote again everyday this month in April !

Vote for Ryan everyday in April !

Anyone wanna help out my friend and vote for her baby?!! Please! Spread the word

Vote for baby Ryan! Everyday youre able to vote. and to make more votes in one day, use different web browsers or even your smartphone :3! Thanks Yaโ€™ll

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do i call these โ€œphotoboothโ€ selfies?

aww shiet, my lovely friends reblogginโ€™ my pics n stuff. thanks <3 haha!!ย 

My candycane. Mine.